Karima’s journey began when she made the courageous decision to seek refuge at the Guesthouse Community, desperate to escape the relentless verbal and physical violence inflicted upon her by her ex-husband. With two precious children to protect, Karima knew she had to find a way out.

Years passed as she sought solace within the walls of the Guesthouse, each day filled with uncertainty and fear. However, a glimmer of hope appeared when her case was referred to the esteemed lawyer's office. It was here that the transformative power of the Waeya initiative, supported by Alwaleed Philanthropies, came into play.

Through the unwavering support and guidance provided by the Waeya initiative, Karima's life took a remarkable turn. She gained the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the legal complexities of her situation. When her ex-husband discovered her presence at the Guesthouse, he demanded to visit. However, his encounters with Karima were filled with anger. But Karima stood firm, unwavering in her commitment to build a better life for herself and her children.

As she reflects upon her incredible transformation, Karima expresses her profound gratitude to God and the Waeya initiative. Their unwavering support and intervention have been instrumental in liberating her from the shackles of her past. She prays for the greatest of rewards to be bestowed upon those who played a part, no matter how small, in rescuing her from the depths of her previous suffering.