Women & Youth Empowerment

Learn about "Waeya” a story of transformation and empowerment where it has built legal awareness and empowered women over the years

The Impact of "Wayea" 1: From Awareness to Empowerment!

"Waeya 1" succeeded in conveying the message of legal awareness and culture, but it did not stop at this achievement. Instead, it provided an opportunity for women in Al-Malaz Prison to experience change and improvement in 2014. The initiative began with a proactive counseling program targeting various women: employees, students, and business leaders. Its main goal was to provide legal consultations and build awareness foundations in universities and events. It also provided an opportunity for women who had experienced violence to be empowered through diverse courses covering topics ranging from women's rights between Sharia and the law to labor rights in the Saudi system and even issues related to harassment. However, this was not enough. The initiative turned its focus to women in Al-Malaz Prison after they had served their sentences, with a post-crime program. "Waeya 1" provided legal consultations, took up some cases for the inmates, and assisted in their rehabilitation. Social activities and educational lectures were held in the prison, and a special program was designed for female employees and supervisors in Al-Malaz Prison, clarifying the rights of the inmates, the duties of prison staff, and more.

"Waeya 2" Towards a More Legally Aware Society

"Waeya 2" has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to disseminating legal knowledge and making it accessible to various segments of society through " Waeya 2" in 2015. As part of this initiative, a diverse range of training courses and legal programs with specific objectives were offered. Proactive counseling was directed towards universities, endowments, and charitable institutions through the provision of various training courses, contributing to the enhancement of legal awareness among young people. Furthermore, a dedicated program was designed for businesswomen, featuring lectures and workshops that covered multiple issues, including proactive crime prevention and project management. In addition to providing free legal consultations to those in need, legal support was offered in institutions under the Ministry of Social Affairs, such as shelters and girls' care institutions.

"Waeya 3" - A Journey of Excellence in Legal Service and Empowerment!

"Waeya 3" initiative reflects a success story as it adopted a variety of issues and provided diverse legal consultations during the years 2016-2017: Focus was placed on a range of urgent issues, from personal status matters to cybercrimes, extortion, and public opinion cases. Around 1,200 legal consultations were provided, covering a wide range of legal issues. These included matters related to personal status, financial systems, surveillance, guardianship, inheritance, and many others. A training and qualification program was designed to develop the theoretical and practical skills of participants, benefiting 18 trainees in 2016 and 50 trainees in 2017. Programs were also conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs, involving visits to girls' care institutions and prisons, as well as hosting inmates from shelters to provide psychological and social support in 2016. In 2017, "Waeya 3" collaborated with the Ministry of Social Affairs through awareness and training programs in various universities, including Mohammed bin Fahd University, King Saud University, Princess Nourah University, Prince Sultan University, and Dar Al Uloom University, in addition to care institutions. These programs included explanations of Saudi laws and diverse issues aimed at enhancing legal awareness among participants.

"Waeya 4" Advances on its Sustainable Path to Legal Empowerment of Women through "Waeya" mobile application!

"Waeya 4" has undertaken several prominent projects, championed important issues, and provided legal consultations. The proactive awareness-counseling program delivered lectures and training workshops at universities, offering legal consultations to university staff and students, including King Saud University, Princess Nourah University, and Prince Sultan University in 2018. Furthermore, the initiative continued its efforts in educating the inmates of shelters and girls' care institutions and worked to spread these awareness programs in multiple regions of the Kingdom. Dedicated to its goal of providing legal assistance, "Waeya 4" received as many legal consultations as possible and carefully addressed 70 cases. To enhance legal capabilities, "Waeya 4" provided training and qualification for two hundred legal professionals in practical and scientific training. Finally, " Waeya 4" launched a mobile application aimed at promoting legal awareness and offering free consultation services to users.

"Waeya 5" Proves Its Strength in Achieving Legal Awareness and Making an Effective Contribution to Women's Empowerment and Community Development

In 2019, the "Waeya 5" initiative continued its remarkable journey in spreading legal awareness and culture. "Waeya 5" delivered inspiring awareness lectures in various places, addressing important topics related to the legal systems in the Kingdom. Many institutions and universities benefited from these lectures, with 570 participants. "Waeya 5" continued to provide legal consultations through a specialized team of consultants and lawyers, offering more than 2,300 consultations in various fields. The initiative also handled 30 diverse cases, contributing to the provision of justice and assistance in important issues. "Waeya 5" worked on a training program at Dar Al Uloom University, providing an opportunity for 50 trainees, who were law and Sharia graduates, with both theoretical and practical guidance on the concept of advocacy and the use of electronic services provided by the Ministry of Justice.

"Waeya 6" - A Story of Excellence and Development in the Time of the Pandemic

The year 2021 was an exceptional year due to the challenges posed by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, t "Waeya 6" initiative continued to pursue its objectives and develop its programs. In collaboration with the Human Rights Commission and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, "Waeya 6" initiative provided remote legal training programs for female lawyers and attorneys across the Kingdom. Over 205 trainees benefited from these programs, enhancing their skills and legal knowledge. "Waeya 6" initiative persisted in offering legal consultations through its application, contributing to the resolution of legal cases and issues faced by women. To support 200 cases related to violence, harm, and other matters. It provided the necessary legal support to protect women's rights and assist in achieving justice. Additionally, it offered legal support to more than 150 other beneficiaries, positively influencing their lives. To provide its services more effectively to women, "Waeya 6" continued to use its electronic application, allowing users to receive free legal consultations and expand legal awareness.