18 women from Katwitwi, a settlement located along the Namibia-Angola border were trained in Food For Life by the Namibia Scout project coordinator, Ester Hilundwa, and they are already seeing the benefits:

“We started coming together as village women in the Katwitwi community just to share ideas with others.

For a long time, we did not have much to do as the government could not assist us with anything because unemployment is very high in our country. We were introduced to the Food For Life program by friends that were working on the malaria program in our area.

We took the training with Ester and received a piece of land from our local authority and from there we started working on the plot. It was hard at the start, but as a team we managed to work. Ester helped us we started the project and it really helped in our livelihood. We have our ups and downs, but we need to keep going.

We are facing a lot of challenges, but we keep going because we need to improve our lifestyle for the benefit of our children. We managed to grow tomatoes this season, which I can say was very good for us.

The garden was full of tomatoes all for sale and for our household. We could pay for our children’s school fees. We managed to make a profit of N$ 2,500 (around USD 150), which was used to improve the garden.

After harvesting the tomatoes, we found out there was parasite that has affected our soil, however, we managed to solve it. We used some control methods taught to us during the trainings.“