Pi Hram Hliang is a 43-year-old Hakha Chin weaver.

Over the past year she has developed advanced weaving skills and taken on a leadership role in her community, passing on technical and design skills to other women weavers. Pi Hram Hliang lives in the isolated capital of Chin State, Hakha.

Weavers in this region have very limited access to markets and raw materials, as well as a limited array of products to offer the market – Pi Hram Hliang is used to weaving traditional skirts, using whatever yarns are available, which are invariably synthetic.

Since May 2019 Pi Hram Hliang has been working on 100% silk fabrics for headboards for a 5* Hotel in Yangon, inspired by a local heritage textile. “Before I started working on the silk piece, I heard some weavers in our training group saying that silk weaving is difficult. But for me, I agreed to weave for this project because if I could weave this successfully, we will be able to revive the silk weaving, which has almost disappeared.”

Pi Hram Hliang has been leading design trainings for the silk headboard fabrics to nineteen other weavers in her community – she’s an expert. She also attended a business training and this has inspired her to set up her own business.

Turquoise Mountain will be working closely with her to support her through the start-up phase. “After attending the Myanmar Artisan Toolkit training, I am highly motivated to start my own business using the skills that I learned in the training.

I would still need the support and helping hands that could guide me along the journey.”