Haifa has achieved an outstanding success during Captinah project, she said: "In fact, this project had a positive impact on the personal level. Namely, it helped me practise social intelligence in dealing with customers and all different social sectors, I acquired many skills while driving such as endurance, patience, perseverance and diligence to reach the customer's satisfaction in the end, and I felt the pleasure of achievement when the customer’s feels satisfied.

Besides, I also learned willpower, confidence and self-control, and above all, a successful and productive investment in free time.

I feel so happy when I receive praise and compliments from the clients who looks at the Saudi young woman as she works with pride, passion and determination as a taxi driver with all its surprises and challenges.

Throughout Careem’s trips I gained lots of experience, and I learned the opportunity to meet important people who added glamor, brilliance and experience to my personal and professional life. I learned that achievement requires patience and positive energy. Regarding the positive impact of the project on her relationship with family and friends, Haifa said: "I receive support, encouragement and pride from my family and friends. They are a source of security for me after God, and they have had a beautiful impact in continuing to work until this day in "Captinah" program."