Women & Youth Empowerment

Violence Against Women

Violence against Women is an international day designated to raise awareness around the world that women are subjected to domestic violence and other forms of violence.

Alwaleed Philanthropies has supported and joined numerous women empowerment campaigns to highlight domestic violence and encourage battered and abused women to speak up.

In the foundation’s continuous efforts to empower women, this campaign highlights the negative role of a female’s silence in enabling her own abuse while also encouraging battered women to take action by reporting the abuse.

The campaign launched in 2016 and reached with more the 30 million impressions and got recognized by Ads of the World.

Not a Victim is a campaign to highlight one of Alwaleed Philanthropies initiative “Waeya” which is a female legal rights project aims at raising awareness of Saudi women’s legal rights to help end their subjection to violence.

The campaign also highlighted to take action by reporting the abuse through Waeya APP managed by specialized Saudi women lawyers.

The campaign launched in 2021 and reached with more the 30 million impressions.

Another campaign where Alwaleed Philanthropies stressed with what starts with violence and ends in silence is punishment to the victim.

The campaign launched in 2018 and reached with more the 30 million impressions, and got recognized by Ad Forum and Ads of the World.