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Alwaleed Philanthropies “Global” Joins Forces with UNICEF in the Fight against Measles and Rubella

 Alwaleed Philanthropies Measles and Rubella Elimination Project
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2016 - 2030

Targeting Range

Ethiopia, Iraq, Jordan, Nigeria, and Sudan.

Total Beneficiaries

54,700,000 million children were vaccinated.

2023 Beneficiaries

4,629,529 children were vaccinated.

In partnership with

Children are not only the future but also the most precious human capital of our world. Their health and well-being are paramount to ensuring a brighter tomorrow. Recognizing this, Alwaleed Philanthropies "Global" has joined forces with UNICEF to spearhead an extraordinary initiative aimed at delivering vital vaccine supplies to combat the global menace of Measles and Rubella.

This groundbreaking partnership is fueled by a shared commitment to safeguarding the health of children worldwide. The Measles and Rubella Elimination Project is designed to expedite vaccination activities, aiming to safeguard the health and well-being of millions of children across the globe. With a strong focus on four key countries, namely Venezuela, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Sudan, the project has already made remarkable strides toward achieving its ambitious goals.

Fighting Measles and Rubella Globally

The primary goal of the Measles and Rubella Elimination Project is to provide unwavering support to UNICEF's programs dedicated to eradicating measles and rubella globally. By implementing extensive vaccination campaigns and strengthening healthcare systems, the project strives to shield vulnerable populations from these highly contagious diseases while effectively curbing their transmission.

Launched in 2016, the Measles and Rubella Elimination Project is slated to continue its crucial efforts until 2030.

Targeted Locations in 2023

Throughout the year 2023, the Measles and Rubella Elimination Project focused its resources and expertise on four strategically selected countries: Ethiopia, Iraq, Jordan, Nigeria, and Sudan. These countries were chosen based on their pressing need for intervention due to high disease prevalence and limited access to essential healthcare services

Notable Achievements in 2023

  • Ethiopia: a significant stride in healthcare was witnessed as 1,828,199 children received essential vaccinations, ensuring protection against prevalent diseases.
  • Iraq: 523,584 children benefited from vaccination programs, contributing to the nation's efforts in safeguarding public health.
  • Jordan: a commendable milestone was achieved with 148,298 children vaccinated, reinforcing the country's commitment to ensuring the well-being of its young population.
  • Nigeria: Nigeria's vaccination initiatives reached a remarkable scale, with 2,059,220 children receiving vital immunizations, bolstering the country's healthcare infrastructure.
  • Sudan: In Sudan, significant progress was made in healthcare delivery, with 70,228 children receiving essential vaccinations, marking a positive step towards improving public health outcomes.

Global Partnership: Eradicating Measles and Rubella for a Brighter Future

The Measles and Rubella Elimination Project, undertaken in partnership with UNICEF, has emerged as a powerful force in the global fight against these highly contagious diseases. By concentrating their efforts on targeted countries and executing comprehensive vaccination campaigns, the project has successfully shielded millions of children from the devastating effects of measles and rubella, thereby significantly improving their health and overall well-being. With unwavering dedication and continued support, this transformative project aims to eliminate measles and rubella as significant public health threats by 2030, ensuring a healthier and brighter future for children across the globe.


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