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Empowering People with Physical Disabilities: Alwaleed Philanthropies' Drive for Inclusion and Accessible Transportation Services

Alwaleed Philanthropies empowers people with physical disability to be self-confident, active members in the society and provide transportation services
Saudi Arabia

2018- 2025

  • The Physically Disabled Adults Association "Harakia" Beneficiaries: 34 Captains

  • Sawaed Association for Physical Disability Beneficiaries: 15 Female Captains

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Empowering Individuals with Motor Disabilities:

Alwaleed Philanthropies, known for its dedication to community development projects, is taking significant strides in empowering individuals with motor disabilities. By partnering with the Adults Motor Disabilities Association "Hirakiya", Sawaed Association, Careem and The Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing. All partners are working towards enabling women and youth with motor disabilities to actively participate in society and contribute to the national economy. Through the provision of accessible transportation services, Alwaleed Philanthropies aims to foster independence, boost self-confidence, and improve the living standards of beneficiaries.

Making Strides since 2018

The Car Project for Mobility Impaired Individuals has made a significant impact on the lives of its beneficiaries. With a total of 34 captains benefiting from the Care for Adults with Disabilities Association, the project has directly impacted these individuals, providing them with employment opportunities and improving their quality of life. Furthermore, the project has had an indirect impact, benefiting 170 individuals who have been positively affected by the initiative.

Considering the vast number of individuals with disabilities, as indicated by the 2017 statistics, reaching 1,445,723, the project recognizes the need to expand its coverage to other regions of the Kingdom. Specifically, the project aims to extend its services to the Eastern and Southern regions, ensuring that a greater number of individuals with mobility impairments can benefit from the project's initiatives.

The Car Project for Mobility Impaired Individuals commenced in 2018 and is set to continue its transformative journey until 2025. The project is committed to empowering individuals with mobility disabilities, enabling them to lead more independent and fulfilling lives. Through strategic partnerships and innovative approaches, this initiative is driving positive change and fostering inclusivity within the Saudi society.

Objectives for a Inclusive Society

Alwaleed Philanthropies' initiative is driven by a set of core objectives, each aiming to create a more inclusive society and empower individuals with motor disabilities.

The first objective is to create job opportunities specifically tailored for women and youth with motor disabilities, enabling them to actively contribute to society and achieve financial independence.

Another key objective is to enhance the living standards of individuals with motor disabilities, ensuring that they have access to the necessary resources and support for a higher quality of life. The initiative also focuses on skills development, providing individuals with motor disabilities the training and competencies needed to excel in their chosen careers and attain greater self-sufficiency.

Additionally, the initiative seeks to promote social contributions by empowering women and youth with motor disabilities to actively participate in the development of the national economy. Lastly, the initiative aims to raise awareness and promote inclusivity by highlighting the value and capabilities of individuals with motor disabilities in the labour market, fostering a more inclusive society that values diversity and equal opportunities for all.

Fostering Empowerment through Collaborative Partnerships

Partnerships play a crucial role in the success of Alwaleed Philanthropies' initiative, as they bring together organizations committed to empowering individuals with motor disabilities. The Physically Disabled Adults Association "Harakia" stands as a key partner, providing invaluable support and resources to individuals with motor disabilities, ensuring their needs are met throughout the program.

Another significant partnership is forged with Careem, a leading transportation company that joins forces with Alwaleed Philanthropies to create accessible job opportunities for beneficiaries. Through this collaboration, individuals with motor disabilities can actively participate in the workforce and contribute to society.

Additionally, Aljazirah Vehicles contributes its expertise by modifying cars, transforming them into hand-controlled vehicles to ensure accessibility for individuals with motor disabilities.

In addition to tow strategic partners, The Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing and Sawaed Association For Physical Disability.

All partners are working to drive inclusivity, combining resources, knowledge, and dedication to empower individuals with motor disabilities and create a more accessible and inclusive society.

Making Strides: Achievements until 2022

Reorganizing Screening Criteria: Ensuring Eligibility Compliance

One of the significant achievements of the project was the reorganization of screening criteria and standards to align with the eligibility criteria set by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing. This step was crucial in guaranteeing that beneficiaries met the necessary developmental and guaranteeing conditions, enabling them to benefit from the project's initiatives.

Completed Trips: Empowering Mobility Impaired Captains

The project's impact can be seen through the number of completed trips for 34 captains with mobility disabilities. As of December, a remarkable total of 9,743 trips have been successfully accomplished, demonstrating the project's commitment to empowering individuals with mobility impairments and providing them with access to transportation services.

First Phase Completion: Progress with Care for Adults with Disabilities Association

The first phase of the project, in collaboration with the Adults Motor Disabilities Association, has been successfully completed. Building on this achievement, the project is currently focusing on the second phase, which includes the implementation of various developmental initiatives. These initiatives aim to further enhance the quality of life and opportunities for individuals with disabilities, ensuring their active participation in society.

Female Captains Empowered: Trips and Transformation

The project's impact extends to empowering female captains with mobility disabilities. From September to December, a total of 645 trips have been completed by four remarkable female captains. Their participation showcases the project's commitment to inclusivity and gender equality, providing equal opportunities for women with disabilities to thrive and contribute to their communities.

These achievements, including the reorganization of screening criteria, completed trips for captains, progress with the Adults Motor Disabilities Association, and empowering female captains, highlight the project's transformative journey. The project's unwavering dedication and continuous efforts are making a positive difference in the lives of individuals with mobility impairments, fostering inclusivity and empowerment within the Saudi society.

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