Providing Disaster Relief

Alwaleed Philanthropies launches a "Tweet For Heat" campaign in collaboration with UNHCR to support Syrian refugees living in the camps during winter months







Winter is one of the most difficult times for people living in refugee camps. With 5 million Syrian refugees worldwide, the threat of freezing to death and suffering from intense illnesses called for immediate intervention.

We wanted to provide humanitarian relief to Syrian refugees as well as raise awareness on the plight they face during the winter on a scale that would truly make a difference.

We worked on a strategy to amplify the refugees’ voices to the world in a way that everyone could resonate with by providing access in real-time to the situation facing refugees, ultimately moving people to come together and take action.

The message

Under the message Tweet for Heat, we collaborated together with the UNHCR in creating heat-monitoring devices that were fixed in tents across various camps in Lebanon, Iraq, Greece and Croatia. The devices automatically tweet personal messages from the refugees with the temperature three times a day.

The refugees’ messages were under the #TweetforHeat hashtag and on the website www.tweetforheat.com where users were able see the inspiring impact of the donations, and the warmth they were helping to provide in each of the countries. Stories and the daily lives of those refugees were documented and published on the website as well.

The project got the attention of local, regional and international media including BBC News and generated significant donations that impacted tens of millions of refugees.


Alwaleed Philanthropies "Global" & UNHCR Launch “Tweet for Heat” Campaign in Support of Syrian Refugees

Providing Disaster Relief

SR8 Million Total Donations by Alwaleed Foundation to Syrians Affected By Crisis

Providing Disaster Relief