SOMA Mine in Turkey - Partnering with the Red Crescent

Friday, 23 May, 2014

In solidarity with people of Turkey after the Soma Mine Explosion in Manisa on the 13th of May 2014, and which is considered one of the worst disasters in Turkish Mining History, Alwaleed Philanthropies in coordination with the Turkish Red Crescent Society are working together to containing the fallout and offer Social support and comfort to the family’s of the victims.  The explosion was the result of a fire outbreak deep within the mine that continues to burn for two days before the Turkish authorities were able to contain and put out the fire.

At the moment of the explosion there were 787 miners inside the mine, and after extensive search and rescue operation on day four the Turkish Minister of Energy Tanir Yildis confirmed that 301 miners had lost their lives in the fire. Rescue teams arrived on scene after the fire broke out and were able to supply oxygen to the miners who were trapped and thus keeping them alive.  There were four rescue teams that conducted the search for the missing miners in dangerous conditions.

The Turkish government announced three days of mourning for the miners who lost their lives in the fire, and the Presidency of Religious Affairs announces that prayer will be held for Soma on following Friday in all mosques in Turkey.

Alwaleed Philanthropies has been working closely with the Turkish Red Crescent under the supervision of Dr Mohamed Gholo, providing any financial and moral support for the families of the victims of the mine explosion.  The foundation also provided food supplies to the families of the victims in Soma and other districts in Manisa where the majority of the families of the victims reside.