Commencement of Distribution of 1,000 Cars Granted by Alwaleed Philanthropies to Jeddah Flood Victims

HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, Chairman of Alwaleed Philanthropies, distributed the first 100 cars of the 1000 to Jeddah’s flood victims in the presence of Princess Ameerah, Ms. Muna AbuSulayman Secretary General of the Foundation, and Dr. Walid Arab Hashem, Member of the Majlis Al-Shura (Consultative Council).

  1. Distribution of second group of 100 cars will commence on Saturday 9th June 2011.
  2. Distribution of third group of 100 cars will commence on Monday 11th June 2011.
  3. Distribution of forth group of 100 cars will commence on Saturday 16th June 2011.
  4. Distribution of fifth group of 100 cars will commence on Monday 18th June 2011.
  5. Distribution of the remaining 500 cars will commence in July 2011.

Prince Alwaleed: “Alwaleed Philanthropies’ support has reached and will reach every area in this nation.”

Princess Ameerah commented: “Alwaleed Philanthropies is committed to any charitable and humanitarian cause in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Furthermore, during the event Prince Alwaleed, the guests and the recipients prayed maghrib, after which the ceremony was held followed by a dinner.

In March 2011, Alwaleed Philanthropies had donated 1,000 KIA cars to the Jeddah flood victims. An extensive study was made and negotiations with competitive dealers were undertaken to determine the appropriate type of car. The Korean KIA from ALJABR Automotive was the most suitable and reliable due the availability of spare parts and easier maintenance.

On February 2011, Alwaleed Philanthropies announced a donation of more than 10,000 household items to aid the flood victims of Jeddah. The donation was made in order to ease the suffering of 3500 needy families, and who have been affected by the Jeddah floods this year, through the purchase and distribution of basic necessities consisting of high quality household appliances and furnishing. Moreover, Ms. AbuSulayman was present during the beginning of the distribution process.

Prince Alwaleed commented: “The people of Jeddah are very dear to our hearts, and their support by Alwaleed Philanthropies is a duty.”

Ms. Muna AbuSulayman, commented: “We are very proud to help the reconstruction effort and help the people of Jeddah in their hour of need.’

The donation to the Jeddah victims was made by the Foundation following an extensive study to determine how best to meet the needs of those affected and to define the appropriate number to be purchased and distributed. The distribution strategy was effective in ensuring that the assistance reached those who are eligible within a month of the announcement.

The units comprised 4200 air conditioners, 1384 washing machines, 2078 cookers, 2444 refrigerators and 628 carpets which were purchased from Al Jafali group that were distributed by 300 volunteers. The Foundation’s distribution of aid was based on a well-studied plan in coordination with various charities that have had the expertise and experience in relief work. The charities included Al Bir Association, Al Faisaliya Women’s Charity, Alahya Centers, the Women’s Charity Association and Almustawda’ Alkahiri that have also been providing food for the affected victims, as well as assistance in rebuilding their homes. This is achieved through a strategic plan that is being implemented in phases and also in coordination with the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY).

The operation was handled by the Foundation members that included Ms. Nora Al Malki, Executive Manager, Local Projects and Mr. Ghurm A. Alghamdi, Executive Manager, Finance and Administration.

The Foundation encourages and supports organizations, studies, and academic centers focusing on empowering Saudi women, alleviating poverty, upgrading services provided to the population, and other social infrastructure issues that face the country. The Foundation is also directly involved in major projects that provide direct aid to the citizens of Saudi Arabia ranging from medical aid to housing where hundreds of housing units have been provided to poor families as part of a 10 year project. Other projects the Foundation is involved in include the distribution of electric generators to remote villages and, printing and the translation of the holy Quran into13 languages.

The event was held at Kingdom Resort and was attended by members from Alwaleed Philanthropies that included Ms. Halla Angawi, Executive Manager, International Projects Department, Ms. Noor Aldabbagh, Executive Manager, Strategic Studies Department, Ms. Nora Almalki, Mr. Ghurm Alghamdi, Ms. Khloud Aldosari, Office Manager, HH Princess Ameerah, and Ms. Huda Aljuaaid, Coordinator.

The guests who attended from the Private Office included Ms. Nada Alsugair, Executive Director, Finance and Administration, Dr. Sheikh Ali Alnashwan, Religious Advisor to HRH the Chairman Dr. Samir Anabtawi, Academic Advisor to HRH the Chairman, Dr. Nahla Alanbar, Private Executive Assistant to HRH the Chairman Mr. Omar AlMutawa, Assistant Executive Manager, Finance and Administration, Dr. Jihad Aoukal, HRH the Chairman’s Private Physician Mr. Mazin Alharthi, Manager, Human Resources and Ms. Amani Algahtani, Assistant Executive Manager, HRH’s Palaces.