Bridging Cultures Together

The Alwaleed Cultural Network: Connecting Cultures, Promoting Understanding

Alwaleed Cultural network

2022- ongoing


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  • Over 23,000 visits to the ACN website since its launch in December 2022.
  • Over 650,000 impressions since December 2022.
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The Alwaleed Cultural Network (ACN) is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering a more inclusive and connected world. With 13 members/partners spanning three continents, this network is dedicated to promoting cross-cultural understanding, education, art, and public engagement. Through collaboration with renowned academic and cultural institutions, the ACN aims to create a platform for learning, exchange, and appreciation of diverse cultures, and beliefs.

Connecting Institutions and Minds

One of the primary goals of the ACN is to connect some of the world's most respected academic and cultural institutions, fostering intercultural collaborations, partnerships, and opportunities. The Alwaleed Cultural Network currently consists of 13 members/partners which are previously funded by Alwaleed Philanthropies.

  • Alwaleed Philanthropies
  • Alwaleed Islamic Studies Programme, Harvard University (USA)
  • Centre for American Studies and Research, American University of Beirut (Lebanon)
  • Centre For American Studies, American University in Cairo (Egypt)
  • Centre for Islamic Studies, University of Cambridge (UK)
  • Centre for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University (USA)
  • Centre for the Study of Islam in the Contemporary World, University of Edinburgh (UK)
  • History of Science Museum, Oxford University Museums (UK)
  • Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford University Museums (UK)
  • Museum of Islamic Art, Berlin (Germany)
  • New York University Abu Dhabi
  • Turquoise Mountain
  • World Organization of the Scout Movement

Promoting Understanding through Education and Art

The ACN recognizes the power of education, art and culture in promoting cross-cultural understanding. To this end, the network has curated a series of online events featuring experts from various fields of culture, and art. These events bring together some of the brightest minds to discuss and explore the complexities of our global society. Additionally, the ACN delivers free and accessible online courses that are culturally-driven, ensuring that knowledge and understanding are available to all.

A Wealth of Resources

The ACN has developed a dynamic website that serves as a hub for free resources related to global culture, religion, and art. This platform offers visitors the opportunity to access a wealth of information, including research outputs, events, online exhibitions, and more, the ACN website has already proven to be a valuable resource for those interested in broadening their horizons.

Accomplishments and Expansion 2023

The ACN website has undergone significant development, now offering nearly 100 individual resources, events, and exhibitions to visitors seeking enriching cultural content. In collaboration with UNESCO, ACN has successfully delivered two live collaborative events, the recordings of which are readily accessible on the website, ensuring widespread access to valuable discussions and insights. Additionally, a collaborative video project titled 'Multaka Museum Moments' has been produced in partnership with Multaka Berlin and Multaka Oxford, further enhancing the platform's multimedia offerings. Furthermore, ACN has launched a major campaign to promote UNESCO's International Day of Islamic Art, underscoring its commitment to raising awareness and appreciation for Islamic art and culture on a global scale.

Looking Ahead

Our goals encompass a holistic approach to fostering cross-cultural understanding and collaboration on a global scale. Firstly, we aim to enhance cross-cultural understanding both internationally and within communities through a comprehensive program of education, art, and public engagement, promoting trust and connection among diverse populations. Secondly, we endeavor to establish connections between some of the most esteemed academic and cultural institutions worldwide, facilitating vibrant intercultural collaborations, opportunities, and partnerships that enrich the global cultural landscape. Lastly, we aspire to create and cultivate a dynamic website that serves as a hub for free resources, catering to individuals interested in deepening their understanding of global culture, religion, and art, thus promoting accessibility and inclusivity in cultural education and exploration.