Alufina Andisson, a resident of a rural community in Mozambique, supported her large family by cultivating rain-fed beans, maize, and groundnuts, earning only $434 USD annually. To supplement her income, she worked as a street trader in her spare time. In December 2020, Alufina was selected as an ideal beneficiary for a MoneyMaker irrigation pump through KickStart's partnership with MLT, which leveraged the unused water resources on her farm. She established a large, irrigated garden and sold thriving Irish potatoes, mustard greens, and covo at the nearby Domue Market. After acquiring the pump, Alufina turned her farm into a profitable business and tripled her annual farming income to an estimated $1,283 USD in just one season. Alufina intends to diversify into high-value crops and save her earnings to build a bigger house for her family.