The Women and Youth Empowerment Initiative for Women’s Legal Rights

A manifestation of Alwaleed Philanthropies’ commitment to raise awareness of women’s legal rights, The Women and Youth Empowerment Initiative represents a significant step forward towards Saudi women empowerment.

The Women and Youth Empowerment Initiative aims at raising awareness of Saudi women’s legal rights to help end their subjugation to violence. The initiative consists of two main programs: “Proactive Guidance” and “The Inmate”. “Proactive Guidance” includes workshops and courses dedicated to female university students, employees in the private and public sector, businesswomen, and violated women. “The Inmate” is carried out in Saudi female prisons and includes legal rights’ workshops and legal consultation. In its first phase, the initiative is implemented in Riyadh and will cover the rest of the Saudi regions.

More than 550 Saudi ladies benefit from the initiative. Alwaleed Philanthropies dedicated SAR 772,000 to support The Women and Youth Empowerment Initiative, implemented in partnership with Faisal Al-Tayeh Law Firm and a number of organizations.