Alwaleed Philanthropies Supports Kafeef Society in Riyadh

Alwaleed Philanthropies that is chaired by HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud has supported The Orientation and Mobility Training Program at Kafeef Society in Riyadh.

The Orientation and Mobility Program will train -60-visuallay impaired citizens in an aim to build self-confidence by enabling them physically and socially .The training course will also offer rehabilitation and educational support for the visually impaired, in addition to raising community awareness towards the needs and capabilities of the visually impaired.

The program will train the visually impaired to walk using the cane, cross streets, walk in aisles, to determine directions when moving, and to attain a balanced movement. The program will also train them to find their belongings and ways to learn to protect themselves.

This initiative is part of Alwaleed Philanthropies’ commitment to support programs for training and empowering the visually impaired which includes the recent support to the computer training program at The Kafeef Society, that trained 144 visually impaired citizens to earn a diploma and enable them to obtain employment opportunities and contribute to their rehabilitation, independence and social integration. Alwaleed Philanthropies has also supported Ibsar program at the Ibsar Foundation as well as sponsoring them to establish awareness campaigns.

Alwaleed Philanthropies is involved in a wide spectrum of humanitarian and philanthropic activities in more than 90 countries. Their main focus areas have been established around strategic initiatives, ranging from Disaster Relief and Community Development, to Women and Youth Empowerment, as well as Promoting Intercultural Understanding.