Alwaleed Philanthropies Lightens Up Three Villages in Asir Region

Alwaleed Philanthropies donated electric generators for three villages in Asir region in Mnded Town, Tabashu Town and Al-Rakah Town.

The number of homes benefiting from Alwaleed Philanthropies’ donation as part of the “Lighting up Lives” project are:

  • 26 houses for the Mnded Town.
  • 30 houses for the Tabashu Town.
  • 26 houses for the Al-Rakah Town.

Lighting Up Lives has resulted in literally bringing light into people’s lives in Saudi Arabia’s most remote locations – 390 villages, benefiting over 42, 343  households and over 207,702 people. The Foundation achieved this by installing power generators that have a 10-year life span. Thousands of villagers have benefited from the project, effectively transcending from the ‘dark’ age to a more civilized way of living.

These villages are not covered by the power grid, but the program is listed to be connected with the grid during the life time of the generators. Lighting Up Lives exemplifies one of the basic tenets of Alwaleed Philanthropies: We offer help where it is needed desperately.