Human First.

No matter who or where, no matter the religion or the culture, no matter the borders or the barriers; human first.

We develop communities

Together, in partnership with other NGO’s, governments, and nonprofits we support and provide global humanitarian assistance that supports development, health, education and infrastructure, through sustainable collaborative solutions.
أبرز المشاريع

Hearing Impaired Center Project

The project aims to establish a center for the deaf and hearing impaired, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology an...

We Empower Women and Youth

Together, we pursue equal rights for women and youth by providing them with platforms that ensure their participation and activate their roles in societies, the change we seek is global and measurable.
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Turquoise Mountain Institute - Myanmar

Alwaleed Philanthropies and Turquoise Mountain are partnering to complete the regeneration of the Landmark Tourist Burma. Building it will create jobs and train...

We Bring Cultures Together

Together, we bridge the gap between cultures and forge the way for global communities to become more open and tolerant. We seek to innovate and foster a new meaning of peace and inclusiveness through education, art and conversational exchange between communities.
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Museum of Islamic Arts at the Louvre Museum

Musée du Louvre’s partnership dates to 2002, and in 2005 the foundation donated $23 million to help construct the Department of Islamic Art. Today the world-ren...

We Provide Disaster Relief

Together with our partners, we provide effective and immediate aid in various territories around the world. We connect and collaborate with international organizations that are at the forefront of disaster aid and relief. We work for high impact and vital aid.
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Indonesia Disaster

This project aims to assess the urgent needs of the earthquake and tsunami-affected communities of Indonesia through humanitarian relief and recovery activities...

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Of continuous support and hard work to initiate projects.



Regardless of gender, race, or religion.



Spent on social welfare.

+1 Billion


All around the world.
HRH Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud — Chairman