Abbas Khawari, is 11 years old boy from Afghanistan who lives in Eleonas refugee camp. The coach shares her thoughts about Abbas:

“I can confidently say that he has shown a significant improvement in his behavior since the beginning of our FutbolNet program, in September of 2021. Initially, he exhibited outbursts of anger with aggressive behavior, even at the expense of other children in the group, when he was losing or felt he was not doing something well and created disturbances in the flow of the lesson.

Through persistence and mostly one-on-one conversations, I tried to boost his confidence and make him feel secure, that he would not be criticized by anyone of the coaches or the team.

Nowadays his improvement is dramatic, as it is obvious that he really enjoys the activities, laughs, says thank you when he likes something and manages with great success the defeat or the conflict with one of his teammates.”