Women & Youth Empowerment

Launching The Future Project: Building the Future for Yemeni Youth in Aden Governorate

In partnership with Alwaleed Philanthropies "Global", chaired by HRH Alwaleed bin Talal AlSaud, and the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen (SDRPY), Education for Employment (EFE) in Aden governorate has launched the Future Project : building the future of Yemeni youth by launching the first training program which aims at preparing (100) young men as a first stage out of (660) to be well qualified and eligible to enter the labor market, and to be economically empowered in two main components during 2021-2022.

This project: "Building the Future for Yemeni Youth Project" aims to improve the lives of more than (660) Yemeni youth and their families through training them to provide job opportunities in the various districts of Aden and in the surrounding governorates in coordination with the Yemeni government and local authorities in order to achieve a living and economic balance by attracting these young people and qualifying their capacities by providing the program services to them, so as to train them on the best professional practices in a way that raises the efficiency of the various sectors in Yemen.

The first component of the project targets (55) young men and women with an aim to help the beneficiaries best acquire the personal and practical skills that make them the ideal choice for employers in filling job vacancies that the project sought to secure in the phase of assessing the labor market needs of skilled workers.

The second component targets (45) young men and women who have dropped out of education by providing them with professional and entrepreneurial skills that are commensurate with their personal and behavioral tendencies and abilities. Besides, these young men and women will be provided with professional training portfolios and will be supported to build companies together with members of the community around them for daily wage work and helping them to adopt their own income-generating projects.

Of great note, the Future Project is part of a development agreement signed by the Saudi Program for the Development and Reconstruction of Yemen and Alwaleed Philanthropies "Global" on January 12, 2021 with the Education for Employment Foundation with the aim to implement the Future Project: Building the future for Yemeni youth.

It is worth mentioning that the (SDRPY) has presented more than (204) projects and development initiatives that were implemented in various Yemeni governorates to serve the Yemeni people in (7) basic sectors: education, health, water, transportation, agriculture and fisheries, and capacity building of government institutions in addition to developmental programs.

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