Soliya’s Connect Program

Thursday, 1 January, 2015

Alwaleed Philanthropies is keen on supporting programs that effectively use innovative and creative means to promote intercultural dialogue, such as Soliya’s Connect Program. Soliya is a virtual platform that connects students from accredited universities all around the world through videoconferencing technology, enabling them to engage in discussions on cross-cultural issues and share their perspectives on pressing global challenges.

Soliya, in partnership with the Saxe Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at MIT, has found through extensive analysis consistent impact in four areas: Critical Thinking, Cross-Cultural Communication, Empathy, and Civic Engagement.

Alwaleed Philanthropies supports Soliya’s Connect Program since 2005. 3,500 university students from approximately 100 educational institutions in 27 countries have participated in the program. Upcoming plans include introducing Soliya to universities in Saudi and Bethlehem University in Palestine, as well as building synergy between Soliya and similar programs.