Empowering Women in Governmental Sector

Thursday, 1 January, 2015

Alwaleed Philanthropies regularly highlights the important role of Saudi female leaders through endorsing relevant empowerment projects. Among which is the project for empowering women in the governmental sector, and is implemented in partnership with Arab Urban Development Institute, Baladi Initiative, Akar Development Organization, and chambers of commerce.

The project aims at reinforcing Saudi women’s involvement and role in municipal councils and preparing society to accept women’s participation in politics. Customized training courses are offered in areas such as leadership and negotiation for capacity building and to help candidates enhance their skills. The project was launched in September 2013, in line with a time plan set by the provinces across Saudi Arabia, and with SAR 3,000,000 in support provided by Alwaleed Philanthropies.

Courses were offered to a total of 600 female candidates and participants in the associated community awareness programs and election campaign management.