Egypt Housing

Written By: 
Nauf Al Rawaf – Executive Manager of Global Initiatives

At Alwaleed Philanthropies, our commitment to “Developing Communities” is a reflection of our long term and collaborative approach to philanthropy. Communities are the bedrock of society and by improving the quality of life within them, we can change the lives of many and achieve long-term sustainable development. 


This is why over the past 35 years, a great deal of our work has been aimed at disenfranchised communities. Working across a broad spectrum of areas including health, education, infrastructure and social entrepreneurship, Alwaleed Philanthropies has supported sustainable development projects to provide new opportunities for often forgotten communities across the globe. 


Our experience has taught us that long term community development can only happen from within. That is why in order to achieve our ambitions and maximize our impact, we look to connect with international organizations as well as local partners who are on the ground. The very recent launch of our Egypt Housing Project on June 6th is a testament to this. This project will see the construction and distribution of 10,000 housing units to Egyptian families over the next ten years, with a target of 1,000 units distributed every year.


Through a unique partnership with the Misr Al Kheir Foundation and local government departments and organizations, this program will breathe very much needed life into Egypt’s marginal communities, where general infrastructure and public housing issues manifest themselves as part of the daily struggle. In addition, Alwaleed Philanthropies will also develop and rehabilitate roads and utilities in these target areas. By improving the basic living conditions in communities that need it most, we can shift their focus from survival to economic development. These projects go beyond raising the living standards in communities to elevating and empowering them to reach their full potential.


As part of our commitment to operating without boundaries, we have completed a number of similar housing projects around the globe. In collaboration with local partners, we have supported the reconstruction of 1,000 housing units in Liberia, 40 housing units in Sudan and supported charitable housing projects in Zimbabwe. 


Our work in “Developing Communities” stretches far and wide and our initiatives target areas that make up the very fabric of society. In Saudi Arabia, for example, we support locally-run efforts in the Wa’iyah Initiative to raise awareness of women’s legal rights and to prevent them from becoming victims of violence. We have also provided support to the Turquoise Mountain Institute in Afghanistan with a $1 million grant to provide new opportunities for women and young people and rebuild communities.


As part of our commitment to contribute towards healthier communities around the world, we have donated $30 million to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in support of its campaign to eradicate polio worldwide. We also worked with the Carter Center in Ethopia to help eliminate river blindness and provide treatment to over a million people.


Guided by the values, experience and insight of Prince Alwaleed, we are determined to helping communities around the world that need it most. Over the years, have seen first hand the positive results of giving suffering communities a second chance. This motivates us to continue our fight for a better world. One where progress is driven by humanity, empathy and collaboration.