Alwaleed Philanthropies & Palestine Education for Employment Celebrate the Completion of its Nursing Program

Thursday, 4 August, 2016

Alwaleed Philanthropies (AP), chaired by HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz AlSaud, and Palestine Education for Employment announced celebrating the graduation of its latest nursing program on August 1st, 2016, in cooperation with Juzoor for Health and Social Development and the Continuous Nursing Education Department at Al Najah University Hospital in Nablus. 


The training consisted of two components. The first component is Workplace Success, which informed trainees about professional ethics, communication with colleagues, building self- confidence, teamwork, and other basic skills. The second component of the training was Technical Nursing Training, which included topics such as Basic Life Support, communication between professionals and patients, professional ethics, patient’s and family’s rights, the reduction and prevention of diseases, and finally the quality of health services.


Mary Abu Ghattas, Public Relations Officer at PEFE, praised Alwaleed Philanthropies’ commitment to supporting youth and the strong partnerships with Al Najah University Hospital and Juzoor for Health and Social Development. She also stated that PEFE has been working since 2009 to develop graduates' skills, and improve their chances of finding employment. She added that the number of Palestinian youth who benefitted from PEFE programs exceeded 9000, and the job placement rate after 6 months from the training amongst those who benefitted from Training and Job Placement Program reached 70%. She also congratulated the trainees and said that this training is the first step in their careers.


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